Lady Instead

Jack Hemingway returns in the sequel to the novel Lady In Red.

Unable to reconcile the loss of family and unwilling to accept that he has fathered a child that could possibly grow up as dysfunctional as himself, Jack spirals into an abyss of depression and self-loathing.

Remnants from the war cause him physical pain while painful memories of it and a tortured youth cause him to lose his grip on reality and the present. On long walks alone on the family farm’s pastureland he connects to his family’s literary past as an unwelcome guest arrives.

Knowing that his gender identity issues lurk just beneath the surface, Jack fails to connect with her in a lasting way making him feel that there is nothing in his life worth living for.

Shame in how he feels living inside the wrong body in a society not yet ready to accept those beliefs, Jack is catapulted into his past, hoping to find something to cling to before his own portrait adorns the mantle of dead Hemingways.

Ultimately it is the unwelcome guest who forces the issue. Jack Hemingway must decide on a solution to a lifetime of pain and suffering. The easy way out will end his suffering…the hard way will take every ounce of courage he can muster and require him to seek out the one person he can trust who can help him decide.

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