The Echo In My Eyes

The Voice I hear, that is drawing me near,
Lying at night, I am so alone full of fear,
Of who I was but am now and nothing more;
The one voice that I had never heard before,
A deepening shiver and longing of who is he.

Finding that one thing that makes it all right,
Through my ears I would soar as high as a kite,
For me he came softly and piercing me gently;
His voice it was haunting and I waited intently,
For the songs and voice like no other could see.

The wrongness of it all made it feel less right,
His voice it soothed me through each lonely night,
Bringing me to places and thoughts that were sung;
Like climbing a ladder towards him rung by rung,
To the place where only he existed and sang just to me.

Their music and words came together too perfectly,
Lyrical notes that were strung together too Faithfully,
Embracing the tide with Open Arms stretched out wide;
Feelings of crush would consume me but those I must hide,
From a world not ready for who I was or would be.

One day it all ended but quietly and without a bang,
No more of The Voice and all the songs that he sang,
Just dreams and tears of what happened and never to be;
Listening to all of their songs coming together as Journey,
The echo in my eyes and The Voice, voice of Steve Perry.

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