The first time I glanced at her I saw the sun rise in her eyes,  
My naked exposure my heart was so desperate to disguise;
The last time I saw her we were miles from where we met,
The slow undoing of our love is what I would always regret.

She could tell our story in pictures snapped with a click of a lens,
While I wrote all of the captions with easy strokes from my pen;
The embrace of two artists colliding in a world of our creation,
Our story we both told to a tune of our own narration.

At the falls in Jackson or sliding on ice along the brook,
When she smiled her eyes pierced me with barely a look;
We both knew our minds and thoughts we could share,
Talking without speaking in ways never to compare.

A love eternal we shared as we read between all the lines,
Never doubting past chance meetings as we read all the signs;
Sometimes everything is wrong, when everything feels so right,
There can never be peace found during screams in the night.

Fear often enters in taking hold in the easiest of ways,
Uncertainty kept minds wandering through a dizzying maze;
Of heartache and cracks in a foundation not yet set,
Until its eventual crumbling while no mending did we let.

No longer to hold her or feel the love her beauty shone,
Enjoying the memories and the honesty of being alone;
Never again to know love like we shared once before,
Except in the photographs of my darling Izador.

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