The Unwanted…

Disclaimer: The following short story deals with childhood sexual abuse, violence and revenge… ——————————————————- . . Jackie Hemingway dealt with pain her entire life. Whether it was physical or emotional, pain often hung over her like a dark cloud ready to burst into a storm all around her at any moment. She cried as she... Continue Reading →

I Win…

On September 10, 2020, Jackie Hemingway set out from Pass-A-Grille, Florida on a record-setting four mile swim. She intended to swim to a point two miles to the west of Pass-A-Grille, turn around and swim two miles back. You can read about this in the short story, This One’s Got You Beat! It is highly... Continue Reading →

Quicksilver Down!

Jackie Hemingway checked her instruments as she flew along in her Quicksilver ultralight airplane. The weather conditions were clear and calm and she was cruising at an altitude of five hundred and fifty feet. Ultralight airplanes do not require the pilot to be licensed but there is substantial training involved in addition to learning as... Continue Reading →

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