Paintings by Jackie Hemingway

Jackie enjoys painting her versions of classic paintings by artists like Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh among others.

She enjoys the challenge of painting masterpieces like The Starry Night, by Van Gogh. She adds a little something different to each piece she paints.

While her original paintings aren’t for sale, you can purchase numbered limited edition prints of her paintings. All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity.

Pablo Picasso’s, Asleep
Jackie Hemingway’s Freedom
Vincent Van Gogh’s, Haystacks With Rising Moon
Pablo Picasso’s, La Lecture
Vincent Van Gogh’s, Wheatfield With Crows
Vincent Van Gogh’s famous, The Starry Night
Pablo Picasso’s, Mediterranean Landscape
Vincent Van Gogh’s, Landscape With House And Ploughman
A short 90 second video of Jackie’s paintings, titled Jackie Hemingway’s Freedom.

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