Look At Mine

Weariness comes, darkness fills every thought,
No one seems to care, life it matters naught;
Nighttime dances all around, pain is all that’s found,
Still a chance for you to cope, peace for you to be bound.

No more secrets kept, no more blood to let,
No more worries do you need to fret;
Someone is there to help you find,
That inner strength and peace of mind.

When life seems no longer worth living,
Feeling pain that’s just constantly giving;
You have no reason to go on with the fight,
Not ending it now takes all of your might.

Like a friend that you can never see,
Someone to counsel you so you can be;
Happiness doesn’t seem so distantly,
There’s help for you to be set free.

The decision is yours, the time is now,
Even if you don’t know yet quite how;
Taking that first step you must cross the line,
Life is worth living, look at yours, look at mine.

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