Jacqueline Lee

When oft I set my mind to ponder, 
Upon the loveliest things I let it wander;
Through the gentle and pleasing memory,
Come circling back to visit with me.

Oh, how nothing I’ve known can ever compare,
To the love I embraced and longed to share;
With my one true love sharing back with me,
These feelings I have for my Jacqueline Lee.

Intertwined our beings becoming like one,
Forever together never coming undone;
Her beauty her elegance exude gracefully,
This woman I love, my Jacqueline Lee.

The angels of heaven envy what they see,
This vision of beauty, my Jacqueline Lee;
What star in the sky shines brighter than thee,
Tis none that do like my Jacqueline Lee.

With never a pause smiling as bright as the sun,
Her rose-kissed cheeks are inviting to one;
Who now could ever be so fortunate as me,
Just to stand in the shadow cast by Jacqueline Lee.

To be sure, no other on this earth can behold,
Nor a verse be written, no other story be told;
Except of the woman only my mind does now see,
Til the day comes finally I meet my Jacqueline Lee.

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