Just To Be Alive

Life’s been tough you don’t know what to do,
No answers gonna come to help pull you through,
So you close your eyes, hope it all goes away;
Can’t keep all the clouds from turnin’ dark gray,
Life’s here to stay, ain’t gonna change for you anyway.

So you turn to something gonna make you feel good,
You know you shouldn’t, til you think you should,
You can cut your soul til your heart does bleed;
Feel that rage keep building that ya gotta feed,
This life ain’t gonna give you no guarantees.

Everyday you dig and the hole gets deeper,
You feel like life just keeps gettin’ cheaper,
Close your eyes hope you can keep on runnin’;
Trying to keep a smile on and keep on funin’,
But that ain’t how life is supposed to go.

The darkness comes you don’t know what to do,
So you keep on digging til your hands turn blue,
You think, ain’t life funny but no one’s laughin’;
Searching for a lifeline you keep on grabbin’,
Nothing’s there ‘cept darkness, that’s all you ever knew.

Once in a while when the light shines through,
Answers start coming, know whatcha gotta do,
Gotta stop that diggin’ that you been doin’;
Get away from the storm that’s always brewin’,
Or you ain’t gonna get outta this life alive.

You hit rock bottom, nowhere else you can go,
Can’t put on a happy face for the world to show,
Your world crashes down everything seems to shatter,
Gotta take life back, nothing else seems to matter;
Nothing left for you to do ‘cept to make a change.

So you find a place where you can stop lyin’,
And find inner peace to keep you from dyin’,
Whatever it takes, know I gotta change my life;
Get rid of the strugglin’ and all of the strife,
So happiness comes in and keeps on climbin’.

Dark clouds are gone gonna keep them away,
Counseling’s part of my life n’ it’s gonna stay,
Cause if I don’t the past is where I’ll only be;
Can’t live that life no more it’s plain to see,
All I can say is — I’m just happy to be alive.

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