The Queen

The day drones on so drab and dreary,
Dark clouds cry rain my soul is weary;
Mourning calls its wailing toll to those who cried,
Those dreadful words - our Queen, she has died!

No fuller life lived could be said or have had,
For a Queen so young when she lost her dad;
To find her Prince to have and to hold,
A lifetime together and all the stories told.

Years passed along with each calendar’s flit,
Jubilee’s celebrated by many a proud Brit;
Through eyes that ruled the monarch’s reign,
Piercing blue jewels that left no soft stain.

Nary a thought ever arose that one day it would end,
Her throne would stand empty and epitaphs be penned;
To be written by those more literary than I,
For all I can wail is — our Queen, she has died!

4 thoughts on “The Queen

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  1. What a beautiful and poetic tribute to an icon. The images that this poem evokes are poignant and poised. Much like the Queen Hemingway writes about. Long live this Queen, immortalized by prose.


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