Where The Winds Blow

Taming the winds not so easily,
Wherever it wants so ceaselessly;
Come and go the whole day long,
Kisses your ear like a favorite song.

Corralled by life that holds a firm grip,
Never uttering a word not even a quip;
Just each day in and another one out,
Freedom gone lacking to make you shout.

Where is a place to embrace the need,
Of a wandering spirit that must be freed;
Nowhere to be found to rest and ponder,
Is somewhere out there just past the yonder.

To find that place only you can know,
Spirit soars freely going to and fro;
You hear the wind’s calling occasionally,
Through watery eyes that can barely see.

Letting go now understanding the course,
Toward aimless breezes of an unknown source;
Lessons now learned about where to go,
Found just out past, where the winds blow.

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