Number Three

There is an artist I know but only distantly,
Whose paintings are perfection, most consistently;
Whenever I see what they paint and then post,
I must find a glass to raise in which to toast.

Not sure which I am applauding, is it artist or piece,
Unable to decide my favorite, I just indulge in the feast;
Of passion, of beauty that each brush stroke creates,
I must immerse myself deeply ‘til my own passion abates.

This artist I know only as rand9painter now three,
Whether they are a he or a she — whatever they be;
In each brush stroke what is created seems just for me,
Wild and untamed emotions that help me turn free.

The mystery behind brushes that touch so effortlessly,
Enhancing the ecstasy far beyond that which I see;
It matters not to me whoever they turn out to be,
This painter I know only as rand9painter, number three.

* Featured Image cover painting “Nice” painted by rand9painter3, used with permission.

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