While I Did Slumber

I had a dream last night while I did slumber, 
Fortunate that my subconscious it did encumber;
Those horrible thoughts came to set my mind on,
Two monsters that come at me from hither and yon.

One from each side so there could be no escape,
Each one of my senses they intentioned to rape;
Disgusting noises from each were uttered,
But when aimed at me they sort of buttered.

These monsters they both had something to gain,
Regardless to whomever they inflicted with pain;
On and on these monsters would continue to fight,
Neither one of them relenting with the other in sight.

Bored now with each of them neither deserving to gloat,
I fear either as victor and the agenda they will promote;
The battle now wanes as they run out of gas,
I’d rather not vote for an elephant or an ass!

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