Anyone who has ever seen the hit TV show M*A*S*H is familiar with the opening theme, a song titled, Suicide Is Painless. Did you know that there are lyrics to that song? Through early morning fog I see,Visions of the things to be,The pains that are withheld for me,I realize and I can see.That suicide... Continue Reading →

An open letter to the women and children of Ukraine

To all of the women and children of Ukraine —

 My dears. Throughout history, women have borne witness to the catastrophes of humanity. Our sisters before us have stood the tests of war and time as the ones who keep our families, our communities and countries together while our men fight for our just causes.

The Unwanted…

Disclaimer: The following short story deals with childhood sexual abuse, violence and revenge… ——————————————————- . . Jackie Hemingway dealt with pain her entire life. Whether it was physical or emotional, pain often hung over her like a dark cloud ready to burst into a storm all around her at any moment. She cried as she... Continue Reading →


I started writing this poem years ago, but left it half written and couldn’t bring myself to finish it, mostly because I didn’t know how it was going to end. Today I did… Sitting here in this airport just look at me,In a wheelchair bandaged I can hardly see;My long journey home I travel reluctantly,All... Continue Reading →

The Look At Mine Project

The Look At Mine Project was founded by Jackie Hemingway in an effort to bring to light the growing epidemic of suicide. No one is exempt from suicide as we see each year with celebrities who choose to take their own lives. There is help for anyone who is having thoughts of suicide. The National... Continue Reading →

Look At Mine

Look At MineBy Jackie HemingwayWeariness comes, darkness fills every thought,No one seems to care, life it matters naught;Nighttime dances all around, pain is all that’s found,Still a chance for you to cope, peace for you to be bound.No more secrets kept, no more blood to let,No more worries do you need to fret;Someone is there... Continue Reading →

The Look At Mine Project

The Look At Mine Project is an idea I have been thinking about for some time now. I decided it was time to stand up and speak out on the subject of suicide. I began to think, why is it that we wait until a celebrity makes the tragic decision to take their own life... Continue Reading →

It’s My Body

Between men and women there can be no denying the stranglehold and control that male privilege holds in societies around the world. Certainly female privilege exists, as do many other types. However female privilege seems to center around negative issues. Women are believed over men in domestic violence events which I absolutely do not agree... Continue Reading →

While I Did Slumber

I had a dream last night while I did slumber, Fortunate that my subconscious it did encumber; Those horrible thoughts came to set my mind on, Two monsters that come at me from hither and yon. One from each side so there could be no escape, Each one of my senses they intentioned to rape;... Continue Reading →

The Room

Sitting within a room that’s full, Of chaos, lies and the constant pull; Of a juggler sweating to keep afloat, The untrue life that he had wrote. To lament a story that knew no love, Cried out from within like a wounded dove; Understanding little of the time he spent, In a room for sale... Continue Reading →

Live As One

The term Universal Humanism as defined here does not infer any sort of religious belief nor does it proffer any connection to any belief system, social or political body. When defining Universal Humanism it is important to disassociate any prior correlation of these two terms either singularly or together.  Universal Humanism is the viewpoint that... Continue Reading →

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