Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee
By Jackie Hemingway

Let me tell you about a girl I knew,
Her name is Brenda Lee;
At the Gulfport Beach Bazaar we met,
On a rainy day indeed!

We knew in an instant that friends forever,
Was something we were meant to be;
But I had my own ideas about what friendship was,
And those I could not concede.

Nevertheless we became like two peas in a pod,
Running around so very happily;
It was the two of us against the world we trod,
Just me and Brenda Lee;

Like sisters we bonded and shared our lives,
Caring not whoever would see;
Sometimes it was like no one else existed,
‘Cept me and Brenda Lee.

Unable to bend an inflexible knee,
I lost a friend you see;
Because ignorance or arrogance, whichever you choose,
Caused me to lose my Brenda Lee.

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  1. Jacki Hemingway’s poems can be whimsical like this one, serious like another, and heartbreaking like that other one! But what they all have in common? A SOUL.

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