The Artist’s Call

What does it take for someone to be, 
A painter of things only they can see;
No training is required just an artistic bent,
But paint on canvas won’t always pay the rent.

At first the ideas come easy and your brush it does flow,
Do you want to paint like Picasso or like Vincent Van Gogh?
Perhaps painting an impression or an abstraction or two,
Frustration comes knocking when you know not what to do.

Painting is easy, you can do your canvas no wrong,
Smoke billows out while listening to your favorite song;
If it is ease you are looking for then I am sorry to say,
Painting costs everything and the dues you must pay.

A true artist will practice while they hone their own skill,
And do it all while working at their local bar and grill;
No artist ever worth a damn paints for fortune or for fame,
Or the pat on the back no matter how flattering the acclaim.

The painting is an expression of both passion and pain,
There are times you may feel like it will drive you insane;
An artist puts to canvas something nobody else may get,
All the while they are painting and growing deeper in debt.

Until the day comes finally when the stars all do align,
And the universe comes calling and delivers you a sign;
Your masterpiece is finished hard work you did employ,
Now on exhibit in a museum for all the world to enjoy.

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