Anyone who has ever seen the hit TV show M*A*S*H is familiar with the opening theme, a song titled, Suicide Is Painless. Did you know that there are lyrics to that song? Through early morning fog I see,Visions of the things to be,The pains that are withheld for me,I realize and I can see.That suicide... Continue Reading →

The Unwanted…

Disclaimer: The following short story deals with childhood sexual abuse, violence and revenge… ——————————————————- . . Jackie Hemingway dealt with pain her entire life. Whether it was physical or emotional, pain often hung over her like a dark cloud ready to burst into a storm all around her at any moment. She cried as she... Continue Reading →


I started writing this poem years ago, but left it half written and couldn’t bring myself to find a way to finish it, mostly because I didn’t know how it should end. Today I did… Sitting here in this airport just look at me,In a wheelchair bandaged I can hardly see;My long journey home I... Continue Reading →

Lady Instead

Jack Hemingway returns in the sequel to the novel Lady In Red. Unable to reconcile the loss of family and unwilling to accept that he has fathered a child that could possibly grow up as dysfunctional as himself, Jack spirals into an abyss of depression and self-loathing. Remnants from the war cause him physical pain... Continue Reading →

Look At Mine

Look At MineBy Jackie HemingwayWeariness comes, darkness fills every thought,No one seems to care, life it matters naught;Nighttime dances all around, pain is all that’s found,Still a chance for you to cope, peace for you to be bound.No more secrets kept, no more blood to let,No more worries do you need to fret;Someone is there... Continue Reading →

Just To Be Alive

Just To Be AliveBy Jackie Hemingway Life’s been tough ya don’t know what to do,No answers gonna come to help pull you through,So you close your eyes, hope it all goes away; Can’t keep all the clouds from turnin’ dark gray,Life’s here to stay, ain’t gonna change for ya anyway.So you turn to something gonna... Continue Reading →

Wheel In The Sky

We all grew up with our fair share of angst, issues and problems. I was no different than anyone else. My life also happened to deal with the extremely uncomfortable and awkward issue of what is today called gender dysphoria.  I knew when I was around four years old that I felt differently; I did... Continue Reading →

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